5 Things to do in Lisbon

Lisbon will surprise you. While not as highly touted as some of the other European capitals, it has a considerable amount to offer any visitor. The city that sits on seven hills is blessed with a colourful cityscape, cutting edge musuems, and diverse nightlife. But the real discovery lies in exploring the city’s charming back… Read more »

Hungarian Communist Era Homes Turned Canvases of Bright Geometric Artwork

For a look into Hungary’s communist past, head straight to the country’s town and suburbs. It’s there, where you’ll find a type of standardized single dwelling known as the “Magyar Kocka” or “Hungarian Cube”. This type of home was constructed during the country’s communist era. And apparently, Hungarians detested them so much, that as a… Read more »

Boston’s Illuminated Park

Talk about cool, Howler + Yoon Architecture have transformed Boston’s Lawn on D (an outdoor recreational space for adults) into a temporary luminescent park. Labled ‘Swing Time’ the installation is an interactive play space made up of 20 illuminated swings; that aside from looking incredibly cool, allow visitors to play and exert themselves physically. The… Read more »

New Designer Bus Shelter in Baltimore

As a way to reshape and breath new life into the community, the city of Baltimore has created a new transit-creative place making program. The project brings together European and Baltimore artists, art organizations, city planners and transportation officials, to strategically transform transit environments within certain districts of Baltimore.

Tel Aviv: An Indoor/Outdoor Hub of Coolness

Alright, we’ll make it clear – Tel Aviv’s best nightspot is Kuli Alma. The venue is an indoor/outdoor melding of coolness, where Tel Aviv locals go to dance to hip hop, house, and international tunes. The bar’s owners, who are music junkies themselves have placed a huge emphasis on Kuli’s musical programming. Each night is… Read more »

Milan: Punks Wear Prada Party

A lot of people tend to overlook Milan when visiting Italy, but if they want to have fun, then it might be to their trip’s detriment. Milan is Italy’s club capital, and it’s also where the cool kids roam. One party that the young in the know Milanese can’t seem to get enough is Punks… Read more »

5 Things to do in Shanghai

As far as exhilarating goes, there are only a handful of cities across the globe that are as exciting as China’s most dynamic city. The city of 23.9 million (Yes, 24 million), is armed with the quadruple threat of bustling nightlife, grade-A restaurants, architectural gems, and a flourishing art scene. Throw in the city’s obsession… Read more »

A Sea of Baby Blue Flowers in Japan

If you want beautiful, then you need to transport yourself to the Hitachi Seaside Park (located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan) for it’s annual spring bloom, which occurs sometime in April. During that time the park transforms into a jaw-dropping sea of baby blue flowers that attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world. This natural… Read more »

Copenhagen’s Culture Box

Culture Box is one of the places where Copenhagen’s electronic enthusiasts go to get their fix of beat culture. The government-sponsored venue (Yes, government-sponsored) is used as a platform to help foster the electronic music scene in Denmark. That brace enables them to bring a steady rotation of cutting edge acts like Ben Klock, Jamie… Read more »

Discovering Vancouver (Video)

In the summer of 2013, Ryan Emond, spent 6 weeks exploring the city of Vancouver. During his stay, he was completely fascinated by the city’s beauty, and the adventures that were waiting for him around every corner. The following video is a visual tribute that he created for a city that he completely fell in… Read more »